“What’s wrong with Jordan Spieth?” is a question I have heard far too often this year. If Jordan Spieth has a career full of seasons like he had during the 2015-16 PGA Tour campaign, he will go down as probably one of the five greatest golfers in PGA Tour history. He had two wins and a near-miss at a major championship, plus was top 10 in scoring all year.

It was a lose-lose situation for Spieth coming into this year after he won two majors last season, and he knew it. Everyone knew it. Rory McIlroy predicted this very thing at the end of last year. Spieth said this week he’s fine with how his year has gone though.

“I think it’s been a really good season,” said Spieth. “If I have a season like this and I’m out here for 20 more years, that’s 50-some odd wins, so I’m certainly OK with that.”

You’ll have to forgive Spieth on the math here as it would be a little short of 50 wins. He only completed one year of college. And it was at Texas. Apologies.

“With the close call at the Masters; I had a chance to win that one,” noted Spieth. “A little disappointing in the other three to not give myself another chance. Was on kind of the bad draw so I can obviously look at it that way. Kind of need to be on the good draw to win major, unless you play out of your mind. I’m very pleased with the way the season’s gone.

“I’m setting some pretty lofty goals for myself for the next six weeks, and it needs to cap off with us retaining that Ryder Cup. That’s very much on my mind. I’m pretty excited about the FedExCup Playoffs obviously and trying to repeat as the guy standing … at East Lake.”

Spieth is off to a good start with at The Barclays as he’s 2 under halfway through his round and just a few strokes back of the leaders at 5 under.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Jordan Spieth would be fine with 20 more seasons like 2016