Carlos Gomez has had a busy week. He signed with the Rangers over the weekend, spent a few days in the minors, and was brought up on Thursday to make his Texas debut.

Gomez didn’t take long to make a good impression:

In case it’s unclear, that’s Gomez hitting a three-run home-run on the second pitch he saw with his new team. There aren’t many better ways to gain favor with the locals — especially when you’re the new guy.

Obviously Gomez will have to keep smacking home runs — or, at minimum, extra-base hits — if he’s to remain in good standing in Texas. The odds of that occurring wouldn’t appear great, not with how poorly he played in Houston. But who knows? So far, Gomez has taken advantage of his fresh start.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Carlos Gomez homers in first at-bat with Rangers