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When it comes to Fantasy Football, it’s your job to be prepared. Every year, it’s our job to help you prepare, which is why Jamey Eisenberg and I take part in a two-man draft. It’s to give you an example of what you might (and might not) expect when it comes to drafting in your 12-team non-PPR league.

Naturally, there are picks that we love, some we hate and some we wish we could have had. By the time you’re done reading this you should at least have a baseline of what we’d recommend doing from your draft slot.

Here is my team at No. 9 overall in a standard format …

  • 1.9 Lamar Miller , RB, Houston Texans
  • 2.16 Allen Robinson , WR, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 3.33 C.J. Anderson , RB, Denver Broncos
  • 4.40 Andrew Luck , QB, Indianapolis Colts
  • 5.57 Doug Baldwin , WR, Seattle Seahawks
  • 6.64 Danny Woodhead , RB, San Diego Chargers
  • 7.81 Kevin White , WR, Chicago Bears
  • 8.88 Devontae Booker , RB, Broncos
  • 9.105 Zach Ertz , TE, Philadelphia Eagles
  • 10.112 Kamar Aiken , WR, Baltimore Ravens
  • 11.129 Broncos DST
  • 12.136 Vincent Jackson , WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 13.153 Keith Marshall , RB, Washington Redskins
  • 14.160 Robbie Gould , K, Bears

Going into your draft knowing you’ll need a miracle to get a top-three receiver or top-three running back stinks. But also knowing you will get two of the top-16 players on your draft board is definitely a perk.