Like with all relationships, the one between John Wall and Bradley Beal is still a work in progress. The two have shined together on the court at times but due to various injuries to both players, they also haven’t developed that perfect working relationship yet. This and other factors has caused the Wizards teammates, as Wall put it, to have a “tendency to dislike” one another.

And then there is Wall’s reported resentment towards Beal’s new max-level contract and also Rockets All-Star guard James Harden‘s extension and shoe contract. Wall once openly talked about his displeasure with Pistons guard Reggie Jackson’s contract, so the report has some merit. However according to Wall, he has no problems with Beal’s and Harden’s contract and is not solely focused on money.

“Me talking about Bradley Beal got more money, I’m not mad. I’m happy. He’s my teammate.” Wall said in a video for UNINTERRUPTED. “If I do what John Wall is supposed to do and the Washington Wizards win, I will make my money later down the road.”

Wall also said he was happy for Harden and that his critics should stop saying he is “watching his money,” because he is focused on getting the Wizards back into the playoffs and personally, becoming a better player.

This is a very direct statement from Wall and should effectively for time being at least, put an end to any rumors about how he feels about Beal and Harden. It is a little wild that Wall had to address the rumors directly but it was clearly annoying him and he wanted to talk about them publicly.

Which with the season starting soon, is the right move. Now Wall, Beal and the Wizards can focus on starting off the year with the right foot forward instead of with a cloud of negativity surrounding them.

Source: CBS Sports / John Wall fires back at critics over report about resentment towards Bradley Beal