It’s National Dog Day, which means everyone has an extra reason to post pictures of their dogs to the internet.

College football has many live dog mascots, so in honor of National Dog Day, we figured we’d dig through the photo files (and Twitter) to find pictures of the many very good dogs that you can find on the sidelines of college football games.

Here are some dog pictures, enjoy.

Reveille (Texas A&M):

rev-run.jpg USATSI rev-sleep.jpg USATSI

UGA (Georgia):

uga-sideline.jpg USATSI uga-hairy.jpg USATSI Mission (NIU):

Jonathan (UConn):

[embedded content]

Bully (Mississippi State): bully-walk.jpg USATSI Tuffy (NC State):

Smokey (Tennessee): smokey-run.jpg USATSI smokey-blanket.jpg USATSI Goldie (Tulsa): goldie-car.jpg USATSI Dubs (Washington): dubs.jpg USATSI

Hooray for dogs.

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: The best of college football’s live dog mascots for National Dog Day