On Friday night, the Dodgers hosted the Cubs in a clash of contenders (CHC-LAD GameTracker). During the course of said clash, L.A. moundsman Bud Norris needed some help from his defense in order to get out of a fifth-inning jam and preserve the thin Dodger lead. And who came to Mr. Norris’ rescue? It was none other than 37-year-old Chase Utley, who dusted off some vintage range to his right. Forthcoming: Color-television sports footage …

Woofity. That’s one heck of a play by Utley to get a glove on that ball off the bat of Ben Zobrist. And then, of course, he manages to get enough on the throw to nip Zobrist, who’s still pretty hasty down the line, at first base.

Utley of course was an elite defensive second baseman in his peak, and as you can see he can still flash that once-exceptional range on occasion. Let it be said that Utley’s also been solid at the plate this season, at least by the standards of middle infielders.

Chase Utley! May you continue defying the years with a regimen of deep knee bends and Sanka!

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: 37-year-old Chase Utley makes age-defying play