Thursday night in Arizona, the Braves beat the Diamondbacks (ATL 3, ARI 1) in a game between two last place teams at Chase Field. Everyone expected to Braves to finish in last place this year. The D-Backs looked like they had a shot to contend.

In the middle of the second inning, Braves first baseman and franchise cornerstone Freddie Freeman made a great — and incredibly dangerous — catch on a foul pop-up near the railing. He tumbled over the railing and hit his back on a seat. Check it out:

Yikes. That’s not a small little fall either. The seats are sunk in below field level in that section of the ballpark. Let’s look again at Freeman’s dismount:

freemancatch082616.jpgFreddie Freeman tumbled over the railing to catch a pop-up Thursday night. screengrab

The good news is Freeman is okay. He stayed in the game despite that nasty spill into the seats. Freeman even singled in a run in the very next half-inning.

Freeman, by the way, is hitting .288/.386/.547 (149 OPS+) with a career high 26 home runs this season. He’s quietly breaking out as one of the game’s premier first baseman. And he’s still playing hard and tumbling over railings even though his club is in last place. Talk about leading by example.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Braves’ Freddie Freeman flips over the railing to make a catch