It’s a good thing the Cleveland Browns decided not to trade Josh Gordon because he might end up being a big factor in the team’s offense this year.

Playing in his first preseason game of the season, Gordon showed off his talents early when he hauled in a perfect 44-yard pass from Robert Griffin III.

The catch is even more impressive when you consider that before Friday, Gordon hadn’t played in an NFL game since December 2014. Gordon was suspended for the entire 2015 season.

It’s no shock that RG3 went to Gordon early, and it was almost like a flashback to their college days when they played together at Baylor.

If RG3 and Gordon show off the fireworks in Cleveland that they showed off at Baylor, then the Browns offense could be tough to stop in 2016.

The scary part is that Gordon might not even be RG3’s favorite target.

For the past two weeks, RG3’s favorite play has been the long bomb. In each of the first two weeks of the preseason, RG3 hit Terrelle Pryor with long passes. In Week 1, Griffin found Pryor for a 49-yard gain. That was followed up a week later when RG3 hit Pryor for a 50-yard touchdown.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: RG3 welcomes Josh Gordon back with perfect 44-yard bomb