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To Gronk or not to Gronk? That’s the question many Fantasy owners deal with at some point in the first round, especially PPR leagues, when it comes to Rob Gronkowski .

The concern with drafting Gronkowski, who is the clear-cut No. 1 tight end, is you’re now at a disadvantage at running back and receiver. Some Fantasy owners would rather chase tight ends than go after players at other positions.

But as you’ll see here at No. 11 overall in our pick-by-pick series for PPR leagues, drafting Gronkowski in the first round worked out well. You just have to go into your draft with a strategy, and you can construct this type of roster.

Here’s a look at my team …

  • 1.11 Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England Patriots
  • 2.14 Allen Robinson , WR, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 3.35 Jarvis Landry , WR, Miami Dolphins
  • 4.38 Giovani Bernard , RB, Cincinnati Bengals
  • 5.59 Duke Johnson , RB, Cleveland Browns
  • 6.62 James White , RB, Patriots
  • 7.83 Willie Snead , WR, New Orleans Saints
  • 8.86 Kamar Aiken , WR, Baltimore Ravens
  • 9.107 LeGarrette Blount , RB, Patriots
  • 10.110 Philip Rivers , QB, San Diego Chargers
  • 11.131 Martellus Bennett , TE, Patriots
  • 12.134 Denver Broncos DST
  • 13.155 Shane Vereen , RB, New York Giants
  • 14.158 Chris Boswell , K, Pittsburgh Steelers

I didn’t chase running back in this draft, and I like the way it worked out in a PPR league. All three of my top options in Bernard, Johnson and White should be standout receivers out of the backfield, especially White if Dion Lewis (knee) is out for the majority of the season. Vereen also is in a similar situation with the Giants, and Blount could be better than expected if he stays healthy this year.

I also like this receiving corps with Robinson and Landry, who has the chance for 100 catches, as the top two options. Robinson is a stud, and you should be happy with Landry even in the third round. Snead and Aiken are solid reserves in PPR leagues, and I’m sure another receiver will emerge off waivers if needed.

Rivers is another quarterback to wait for in the majority of leagues, and he has the chance for one of the best years of his career. Being reunited with offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt is great for Rivers, who benefits with Keenan Allen back at 100 percent.

And then there’s Gronkowski, who gives my team a significant advantage over everyone else. I also drafted Bennett as a handcuff of sorts, but I could use Bennett as a flex option if he’s heavily involved in New England’s offense as expected.

Some Fantasy owners might be scared of this roster because there’s not a No. 1 running back, but the trade off is the advantage you have at tight end with Gronkowski. And if Bernard, Johnson and White perform at a high level, as well as this receiving corps led by Robinson, this team should be in great shape.

Jarvis Landry WR / Miami Dolphins (2015 stats)

TAR: 166REC: 110YDS: 1,157TD: 4
Landry is a PPR star because he’s averaged 97 catches over two seasons, and Ryan Tannehill has a magnet for him. If he were able to find the end zone on a more consistent basis then his value would skyrocket in any format. It might seem odd to draft him in Round 3, but he should approach 100 catches again and is worth it in this round.

Duke Johnson RB / Cleveland Browns (2015 stats)

ATT: 104YDS: 379TD: 0YPC: 3.6REC: 61REC YDS: 534REC TD: 2
I’m hopeful that Johnson can play well with Robert Griffin III under center, but check down passes aren’t exactly his strength. So if Johnson regresses with his receptions then his value could be minimal in a PPR league. He needs to improve as a rusher, and he’ll share carries with Isaiah Crowell. But if he remains heavily involved in the passing game, which is the hope, then Johnson is fine in this spot.

Ezekiel Elliott RB / Dallas Cowboys (2015 stats at Ohio State)

ATT: 289YDS: 1,821TD: 23YPC: 6.3REC: 27REC YDS: 206
I have no problem drafting Robinson in the second round, but I was one pick away from starting my team with Gronkowski and Elliott, which would have been awesome. He’s got the potential to be a star and the No. 1 running back in any format, and he probably slipped in this draft by falling to the second round. He might be a rookie, but I encourage all of you to draft Elliott in the first round whenever possible.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / 2016 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Picking at No. 11 overall in a PPR league