Florida State‘s strength coach has done a ton for the Seminoles during the offseason, but is causing a big headache for the university after an embarrassing arrest on Friday night.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, Vic Viloria was found asleep at the wheel of his truck on the I-10 off-ramp in Tallahassee at 5:06 a.m. early Saturday morning. When officers tried to wake him, he tried to start driving again and hit an electronic cross-walk sign.

The resulting charges, DUI and property damage, are only the start of the strength coach’s worries.

Viloria reportedly acknowledged he should not have been driving and told police he had been drinking — “multiple big alcoholic beverages,” per the Democrat — in his office, on Florida State’s campus.

So when Florida State’s official statement offers no comment and references “the human resources policy,” it’s referring to drinking on campus as a violation of the school’s employee handbook. Now Viloria, who just inked a new deal with a raise this offseason, is not just subject to punishment from Jimbo Fisher or the athletic director, but also the university administration.

It’s not the best timing for Viloria considering the ongoing behind-the-scenes series, “A Season with Florida State Football,” is filming and will premiere on Sept. 6 on Showtime.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Florida State’s strength coach drank in his office before getting DUI charge