After shedding some serious weight this offseason, Eddie Lacy is now thinking about getting rid of something else: His hair.

The Packers running back is having second thoughts about keeping his dreadlocks this season after going through a harrowing experience on Friday night. During the first quarter of Green Bay’s 21-10 win over San Francisco, Lacy was tackled by his hair at the tail end of a 21-yard run (You can see the video here).

eddie-lacy-hair-packers-08-27-16.jpgEddie Lacy got tackled by his hair. KPIX/NFL screen grab

And yes, it’s just as painful as it looks, according to Lacy.

“It definitely hurts,” Lacy told the Green Bay Press Gazette after the game. “The first thought in my mind was a word I can’t really say.”

In the NFL, it’s legal for player to pull you down by your hair, which is why San Francisco’s Gerald Hodges wasn’t flagged on the play. The only way to keep a player from tackling you by your hair is to get rid of your hair, and that’s something that Lacy is now considering.

“I’m debating after that,” Lacy said. “I don’t know how many more of those I’d like to experience. We’re in camp. So I’ve got to wait until I get out of camp, and then I’ll assess it.”

Being pulled down by your hair is almost the same as a horse collar tackle, a form of tackling that was banned because it was causing serious injuries. Lacy doesn’t want to be on the ugly side of one of those injuries, which is why he might not keep his hair.

“For my legs. They’re important,” Lacy said. “Because that’s how most guys hurt their knees, because you get pulled from the back. Which is why the horse collar rule thing (exists). So luckily that didn’t happen.”

Lacy’s hair seemed to be the only way the 49ers could stop him on Friday. The Packers running back ran for 45 yards on just seven carries in Green Bay’s win.

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: Eddie Lacy gets tackled by his hair, now might chop it all off