It’s a good thing the Browns didn’t sign Andy Lee for his tackling abilities, because if that were the case, he’d would’ve been cut at halftime of Friday night’s game against Tampa Bay.

Now, no one expects a punter to be able to tackle, but effort is always nice and Lee didn’t even give that during the first quarter of Cleveland’s 30-13 loss. After the Browns failed to convert on a third-and-16, they sent Lee onto the field for a punt.

Lee then showed off his right foot and launched a 52-yard punt into the waiting arms of Buccaneers returner Adam Humphries. Lee probably wanted to jog off the field at that point, but he couldn’t because Humphries found some serious open field on his return, and that’s where things got interesting.

As Humphries crossed the Browns’ 30-yard line, there were only two Browns players who had a shot to tackle him: Lee and Marlon Moore.

browns-punter-final-08-27-16.jpgAndy Lee does not like to tackle. CBS

Lee had the perfect angle AND he was 10 yards in front of Humphries, so making a tackle here should’ve been easy. If he didn’t want to make the tackle, he could’ve forced Humphries to cut in toward Moore.

Instead, he went with option 3: He gave up. You can see the entire return below.

Fittingly, Lee’s effort on that play basically epitomized how much effort the Browns gave on the entire night.

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Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Browns punter completely wimps out on tackle vs. Buccaneers