Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper lost his temper and his helmet on Saturday afternoon.

Harper led off the bottom of the 10th in a tied game against the Rockies, working a 2-2 count versus Jake McGee. He then took the subsequent pitch, a fastball on or just off the outer edge:

bryce-harper-pitch.jpgYou make the call. MLBAM

Harper, for his part, voted “just off.” You can tell, because his response to home plate umpire Mike Winters’ strike-three call was to yell and throw his helmet:

Predictably, Harper was tossed for his acts. He lucked out in a sense, since his helmet easily could’ve ricocheted and struck Winters, which would’ve prompted a suspension.

You might wonder if Nationals manager Dusty Baker had a problem with his superstar getting himself ejected in a close game. The answer? Nope:

The Rockies won the game 9-4 in the 11th, so Harper’s fiery display didn’t rally the troops. At least the home crowd got a good view of Harper’s hair?

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Bryce Harper loses his temper, gets ejected for screaming at umpire