Joel EmbiidThis kid crossed over and then…Twitter

Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid has yet to play an NBA game. He was drafted in 2014 as the No. 3 overall pick behind Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, but foot injuries have left him sitting on the bench and working through rehab stints instead of logging even a second of NBA basketball. He hasn’t even gotten to play in the preseason. He’s reminded of this just about every time he tweets or posts on social media. Someone who doesn’t play in the NBA and will never have a chance to play in the NBA will let him know they’ve played as many games as he has.

They fail to mention that they make less money for it though. Embiid looks like he’s on track to end that streak of years without NBA games in 2016, but we still have a ways to go until we see him on the court for real. At a Sixers summer event for fans, Embiid went one-on-one against a little kid. The kid crossed over, went for a shot on the left side, and as is NBA tradition, Embiid swatted it away. He then tweeted out the video from the Sixers and told the kid not to worry because they’ve played the same number of NBA games.

Embiid will be a monster if he gets to play some healthy basketball. If not for the injuries in 2014, he would’ve been the No. 1 overall pick in the draft ahead of Wiggins and Parker. Broken bones in his foot have kept him from playing and that’s such a delicate injury for a man his size that the Sixers have had to be extremely cautious.

Still, he’s getting to sharpen his shot-blocking skills against just about everybody. His individual workout videos have been a big hit on social media as it reminds you just how freaky athletic and skilled he is for his size. Hopefully we get to see him on the court soon, so we don’t have to keep seeing replies to his stuff with reminders of no minutes played.

Source: CBS Sports / Sixers’ Joel Embiid swats little kid’s shot, then makes fun of himself