Live from Korea (note: not actually live at all) comes the following pick-off throw courtesy of the KIA Tigers’ Lim Chang-yong. Said pickoff throw may be plausibly characterized as “The World’s Most Dangerous Pickoff Throw.” Perhaps you’ll disagree with this assertion, but base-runner Oh Jae-won of the Doosan Bears surely would not. Now please turn your attention to the embedded color television below …

Horror on the diamond! Internet discussion reveals that KIA post-game claimed that the shortstop missed the sign for the pickoff and failed to cover the bag. Additional internet discussion reveals that Doosan didn’t particularly buy this explanation and perhaps suspected malice aforethought.

In any event, our harrowed base-runner was not physically harmed by the World’s Most Dangerous Pickoff Throw. The night-sweats and inability to trust anyone ever again, though, are another matter.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Korean pitcher unleashes world’s most dangerous pickoff throw