With the walk from the team bus to the locker room serving as an impromptu red carpet, NBA players have taken great pride in their look off the court. Thunder All-Star guard Russell Westbrook even won an NPBA award for his fashionable and at times avant-garde looks.

Several NBA players like Westbrook, Stephen Curry and Kevin Love have even become models in a sense, serving as a brand ambassador for various clothing companies. And now we can add Bulls All-Star guard Jimmy Butler to that list.

Butler is the first-ever brand ambassador for the men’s retailer Bonobos and will be the face of the company’s new ad campaign. He even stars in a new commercial for Bonobos, which due to his commentary, is quite amusing.

Looks like Butler will be giving new Bulls acquisition Dwyane Wade, who enjoys wearing capris, a run for his money fashion-wise.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / LOOK: Bulls’ Jimmy Butler is the latest NBA player to take up modeling