Tiger Woods hasn’t played golf in over a year but that doesn’t mean equipment companies are ignoring the fact that he’s a free agent. With the news that Nike was getting out of the club-making business, everybody who is anybody is sending him golf clubs.

Tiger and his agent, Mark Steinberg, knew this would be coming.

“Clearly he and I need to be thinking about a change on the hard goods side,” Steinberg told “He and I have discussed at length the plan for that and feel comfortable with what we’re going to do going forward. But clearly, there’s likely to be a change.”

On Sunday, Notah Begay said that change has a face (or a bunch of faces) and that was evident in Woods’ home.

“I walked into his dining room and it was like going into a PGA [Tour] Superstore now that Nike’s equipment line no longer exists,” Begay said on Golf Channel. “Every single manufacturer had sent equipment in there, and he’s trying a variety of different things, trying to get a sense of where he’s going to go from this point on.”

Rory McIlroy said the same thing has been happening to his parents’ house.

“I haven’t been home, but apparently my parents’ house has been inundated with golf equipment from different manufacturers,” said McIlroy. “I haven’t asked for it, but it’s there.”

There have been rumors about where Woods would go, but obviously nothing is set in stone yet.

The one thing I would bet on as Woods transitions out of playing and into that Kobe Bryant-type era in his career where he’s thinking about building a business for the future is that Woods gets his own line of clubs. You might even see him get a piece of whatever company he goes to with the idea that Woods will help build it for the future.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Tiger Woods’ home now resembles a golf equipment store