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2016 Fantasy Football Rankings: Standard | PPR

Playing in a 10-team league is easy because everyone has an all-star roster. It’s harder in 12-team leagues, but you can still manage to get good players on your team and have a competent bench.

That all changes in leagues that are 14-teams or larger, and these drafts are tough. It makes for some difficult decisions, which happened in our 14-team PPR podcast league.

Now, I hope all of you are aware of our Fantasy Football Today podcast, which is the best in the industry. I’m biased, but the shows we produce with Adam Aizer, Dave Richard, Heath Cummings, Chris Towers and myself are your best place to get the most comprehensive Fantasy Football information. And we also have a lot of fun.

For example, to gain entry into our podcast league you had to be creative. We took video submissions on Twitter, someone made up a bingo card related to our show and, the best entry, was someone challenging Dave to a Chicago-style pizza eating contest. Of course we had to put that on video.

Once it was Draft Day, however, everything changed, and it was all about business. And Adam hated his team from the No. 14 spot because of what happened to him with his first two picks.

He started WR-WR and drafted Mike Evans and Keenan Allen because he likes having two top-15 receivers in a PPR league. But he immediately regretted it because he passed on Jamaal Charles .