Hope Solo’s days on the soccer field are over — at least for this season. The embattled former U.S. goalkeeper ended her season with the Seattle Reign, she announced on Twitter on Tuesday.

This comes nearly a week after her contract with the USWNT was terminated and she was suspended for six months following her comments towards Sweden at the Summer Olympics. Solo, who won the World Cup in 2015, saw her national team eliminated by Sweden in penalty kicks during the Rio Olympics. She then voiced her displeasure postgame as to how the opponent played, calling the Swedes “a bunch of cowards.” On Tuesday, a video surfaced showing her reaction to the suspension news.

“Coming to terms with the fact I was fired from the U.S. women’s national team after 17 years of service has been devastating. After careful consideration, I have decided to end my season with the Seattle Reign, an organization I love playing for. Mentally, I am not there yet. After watching the team’s win against Portland this weekend and seeing Haley Kopmeyer playing so well in goal, I truly believe this decision is what’s best for me and the Reign organization,” Solo said on Twitter.

This decision to sit out the rest of the season comes after her club said she was taking ‘personal leave’ before the match against Portland this weekend.

She could technically rejoin the USWNT if called up next year, but the fact that she used the word ‘fired’ makes it seem like we may not see much of her moving forward. Have seen the last of the 35-year-old on the soccer field? That remains to be seen. Stay tuned.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Hope Solo won’t play again for club team this season: ‘Mentally, I’m not there yet’