Earlier on Tuesday, Tim Tebow held his baseball showcase. We’ve covered the serious angles — how he fared and the like — but let’s face it, there’s an inherent comedic value to the whole thing, too. There has to be, otherwise what would it say about us all if, five weeks from the postseason, we were worried about the glorified tryout of a 29-year-old with zero professional experience?

As a result, it’s not surprising that Twitter had fun with Tebow’s combine. Let’s cover some of the best memes to spring from the afternoon.

Predictably, Tebow was inserted into multiple video games. From Super Mario Bros. to NBA Jam to Mortal Kombat:

Rest assured, Tebow found his way into some more contemporary references, too.

There was also old-fashioned LOLcats-style text-on-image shenanigans to be found:

Oh, and some even got fancy and made a video:

Yeah, the internet is considerably higher on Tebow-as-meme than Tebow-as-ballplayer. You already knew that, but it’s not like Tuesday brought us any other new Tebow information.

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: Here are the best ‘Tim Tebow jumping’ memes from his MLB showcase