shaqamex.pngShaq has all the faith in his sons’ basketball skills.Getty Images

Shaquille O’Neal says that his family will be in the NBA family for quite some time. TMZ caught up with the Diesel and talked to him about his two sons, Shareef and Shaqir O’Neal. Shareef has been popping up on mixtapes as a high schooler, but Shaq says that not one, but both of his boys will someday be in the NBA.

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That’s a bold claim, but they have the genes and they have access to the best training and coaching possible. It’s an awful lot of pressure, though. Any player that comes in after a legend deals with that, but this isn’t just some really good NBA player. This is Shaq, the Most Dominant Ever, the superhuman MVP Hall-of-Famer.

Those are some, quite literally, big shoes to fill. But you can bet people will be watching, if for no other reason than how compelling a figure their father is. Whether that’s fair to the kids or not is a different question.

Source: CBS Sports / Shaquille O’Neal says his sons will both ‘definitely’ make the NBA someday