Knuckleballer Steven Wright has been a necessary stabilizer in the Boston rotation this season. In 152 2/3 innings, the 32-year-old right-hander has pitched to a 3.18 ERA and 144 ERA+. In related matters, he’s held opponents to a line of .230/.304/.326 despite toiling in the DH league and calling Fenway home. It all flows, of course, from Wright’s knuckleball. In further appreciation of Baseball’s Most Interesting Pitch, let’s enjoy the following slow-motion footage of Wright’s knuckle-piece …

And the people say: “Larduhmighty.”

You see the characteristic lack of spin, which accounts for the knuckleball’s highly unpredictable movement. Speaking of unpredictable movement, you’ve got a pitch that starts off riding up and in on Lorenzo Cain and then once it reaches the plate cuts down and away to the glove side. Hard to hit, hard to catch.

In this very space, we’ve previously enjoyed R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball in slow motion. As for which is most pleasing to behold, we leave that to you, gentle clicker.

Source: CBS Sports / Steven Wright’s knuckleball in slow motion is befuddling and amazing