“Hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s ask a bunch of 19-year-olds to predict the future.”

Does this seem like a good idea? Well, the NBA thinks so. Every year the NBA goes through its rookie survey, asking the incoming youngsters a series of questions about who they think will do what in their first year in the league. The results are typically not great, if you’re looking for prescience. Here’s where you can find this year’s group of answers.

062316simmonspodium.jpgBen Simmons wasn’t popular with his fellow rookies for awards. USATSI

The rookies don’t think the No. 1 pick will win, even though the No. 1 pick usually wins

Ben Simmons landed third on the list behind Minnesota Timberwolves guard Kris Dunn and L.A. Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram. Simmons is going to have the least competition for minutes, the most touches, put up likely the biggest numbers, and have the ball the most. So this isn’t a great pick. Dunn did look the best in Summer League though. Possible reasons for this selection by the kids:

  • Dunn was the most recent player they saw dominate as he did in a few minutes at Summer League
  • Dunn and Ingram are more popular than Simmons
  • Dunn is older and therefore more known to the rest of the players

The rookies do not think much of Ben Simmons

Not only did Simmons come up short in the rookie vote for ROY, but he only got 6.7 percent of the vote for who will have the best career, with Ingram winning that poll. Seriously, the Sixers standout out of LSU is not getting a ton of support from his fellow rookies.

Ingram having the best career isn’t a bad pick, per say, but he’s got to fill out a lot of skills, and his body, in a hurry. Simmons’ talents are more specialized, however, and the concern over his jumper is real. If you can solve him by going under screens and staying home on his passing options, it could be problematic.

The Spurs got another steal, the kids think

The rookies think that Dejounte Murray was the biggest steal. It’s a safe bet, given how talented he is, how he looked at summer league, and the Spurs’ history. Hard to argue with this one.

Buddy Hield gets respect

The rookies think Hield is the best shooter of the class. It’s not a bad choice given his college exploits and skillset, but it should be noted that Hield shot 18-of-64 in summer league on jumpers and looked straight-up awful offensively. Just summer league, however.

They love Dunn

Dunn won most likely to win ROY, best playmaker, and best defender. He also won funniest player. Popular guy, this Kris Dunn.

Kevin Durant is a hero

Their favorite player by over 20 percent of the vote is Kevin Durant, with Carmelo Anthony second and LeBron James getting less than 10 percent of the vote. No respect of their elders.

Source: CBS Sports / Takeaways from NBA Rookie Survey: Dunn among favorites, no love for Simmons