Say this for sophomore UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen: He says what he thinks, which usually involves supreme confidence in himself in all aspects.

So it should be no surprise he’s fully confident in himself and the Bruins heading into the opener at Texas A&M.

Kyle Field has routinely been named one of the toughest venues to visit in college football. Ever since the stadium expanded to hold more than 100,000 fans, it’s become even tougher. The 12th Man really does live up to its name.

Rosen, though? Not impressed.

“After about 50,000 people, it all sounds about the same,” Rosen said in regards to what he and UCLA are expected to face in terms of environmental adversity on Saturday.

If we adjusted our NCAA Football quarterback rankings, we’d have to give Rosen a 99 for #moxie.

Of note, Rosen has played in three road games in which the home stadium held at least 50,000 fans. For a second-year player, that’s experience enough. To Rosen’s credit, he’s probably right to an extent.

However, there can also be a difference between 50,000 fans at their loudest and 100,000 fans at their loudest — depending on the stadium, of course.

Either way, Rosen will find out for himself what it’s like to play in one of college football’s toughest environments. Surely, he will be asked again post-game what his impression was.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / UCLA’s Josh Rosen underestimates noise from Texas A&M’s massive game day crowd