Could this be the end of the road for talented yet enigmatic outfielder Yasiel Puig with the Dodgers? It’s entirely possible. Today’s Knuckleball reports that Puig has been claimed on revocable waivers by a yet-unknown team.

Another thing we don’t yet know is what will happen next. We can narrow that list, though, because there are three possibilities. The Dodgers can:

  1. Pull Puig back and keep him. That would mean he’s with them for the rest of the season, as he can’t be placed on revocable waivers again.
  2. Work out a trade with the claiming team.
  3. Let him walk, which also means that the remainder of his salary goes with him. He’s making $7.214 million this season, $8.214 million next and $9.214 million in 2018. He’s then arbitration-eligible for a year afterward, so he won’t hit free agency until after the 2019 season.

The salaries moving forward combined with Puig being 25 and having the talent that landed him down-ballot MVP consideration in 2013 and 2014 likely make him pretty attractive to more than a handful of teams. Even a rebuilding team should have interest in seeing how a change of scenery works out for Puig.

On that front, remember that the NL teams get first dibs, in reverse order of the standings. So maybe we’ll see Puig heading to the Braves, Diamondbacks, Reds, Padres or Brewers?

Puig is hitting .260/.320/.386 with 10 doubles, seven homers, 34 RBI and five steals this season in the majors. In 18 games with Triple-A Oklahoma City, he’s hitting .369/.414/.631 with three doubles, four homers and 12 RBI. We’ve previously seen reports that the Dodgers don’t intend to bring him back up to the majors this season.

But maybe someone else will. Stay tuned.

Source: CBS Sports / Unknown MLB team reportedly claims Yasiel Puig in revocable waivers