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2016 Fantasy Football Rankings: Standard | PPR

As we end our preseason analysis and start to transition to Week 1, we start looking really hard for the diamond in the rough we may have missed. We’ve been telling you about sleepers, breakouts and busts for two months now, but we’re still digging for one last gem to unearth. This past week has given us several possibilities — some rookies, some vets who have never put it all together. Will any of them make an actual difference this season?

Dak Prescott is a perfectly adequate replacement for Tony Romo .

When Tony Romo’s latest injury was announced we immediately had to scramble to determine the impact on the value of Dez Bryant and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys offense. Prescott doesn’t have to be Romo for the rest of the offense to maintain it’s value, but he can’t be awful either.