The Cardinals took a 3-1 loss in Milwaukee on Wednesday night, but the one run they scored came via a home run by Yadier Molina. That shouldn’t be a surprise, because they’ve been homer crazy this season.

In fact, this marked the 20th consecutive game in which the Cardinals hit a home run.

The 20 straight games marks a franchise record. That’s a franchise that has been around since 1882 as the St. Louis Brown Stockings. There have been plenty of power-heavy teams, too, so this is a great feat for the 2016 ball-club.

Last year’s Cardinals only hit 137 homers, good for 11th in the NL. They now have 189 with a month to go, obviously leading the NL.

Can they set the franchise mark in homers? Let’s see how high they can get. Here are the top Cardinals home run teams ever:

  1. 2000, 235 HR
  2. 1998, 223 HR
  3. 2004, 214 HR
  4. 2001, 199 HR
  5. 2003, 196 HR
  6. 1999, 194 HR

This 2016 bunch already ranks seventh. Look at the era of those above, too. Many are in baseball’s so-called “Steroid Era.” Mark McGwire was skewing the total in several years. Some of the others have early-career Albert Pujols, among others, doing some heavy lifting. This group is a lot more balanced, with Brandon Moss‘ 25 leading the way.

Anyway, the Cardinals have hit 189 homers in 132 games, a rate of 1.43 per game. If that rate continues — and with the current streak, we know it’s gone up — they would end up with 232 home runs. Just three shy of the franchise record.

That 2000 Cardinals team got 42 homers from Jim Edmonds, 32 from McGwire and 26 from Ray Lankford. Three more players hit at least 15 and — how’s this one? — they got 12 each from Shawon Dunston and Will Clark.

Source: CBS Sports / Cardinals set a franchise record for home runs thanks to Yadier Molina