Craig SagerCraig Sager continues to fight and be an inspiration.Twitter

Sideline reporter and legend Craig Sager has been battling leukemia for three summers now. He’s twice had his cancer go into remission for nearly a year after receiving a bone marrow transplant from his son, Craig Sager II. Wednesday, Sager went through his third bone marrow transplant in three summers with the marrow coming from an anonymous donor this time.

His son posted pictures on Twitter of his dad in great spirits and celebrating the transplant that he received through his chest. The transplant is believed to be about 10 hours long. Going through three bone marrow transplants is pretty much unheard of because of how difficult it can be to find a match.

Procedures like this can’t happen without finding the proper bone marrow DNA match. But more people can donate and join the national bone marrow registry. One of Sager’s colleagues and longtime friends Rachel Nichols posted how easy it is to join the national bone marrow registry.

Source: CBS Sports / Craig Sager looks good and happy after third bone marrow transplant