After a loss on Monday, a washout Tuesday, a 7-0 loss and a Giants win on Wednesday, the Dodgers faced the possibility of having their NL West lead trimmed to half a game in the second game of their Colorado doubleheader. Things got ugly early.

Sure, Chase Utley homered to lead off the game, but then the Rockies got five runs in the bottom of the first, thanks in part to a Stephen Cardullo grand slam. It should be noted that Cardullo also homered in the front-end of the doubleheader and these were his first two career home runs. Oh, and Wednesday was his birthday. Fun day for him.

Things wouldn’t pick up for the Dodgers for a while. The Rockies actually took an 8-2 lead into the eighth inning. We all know by now that no lead in Coors Field seems safe. This one wasn’t.

The Dodgers got back three in the eighth and then went ahead with a grand slam by Andrew Toles:

Regardless of the venue, that’s an amazing comeback. In fact, check out the Fangraphs win probability chart:

The Rockies had a 99.3 percent chance of winning that game in the eighth before the rally. Even in the ninth, it got to 98.5 percent. In the latter case, there were two outs with only one runner on and the Dodgers trailing by three. But then Yasmani Grandal singled, Josh Reddick singled, Joc Pederson walked and Toles hit the slam.

How does this stack up in Dodgers history? It’s been done, just not often:

Toles is a fun case. The Rays actually just released him during the spring of 2015 and the Dodgers didn’t sign him until September. Note the Andrew Friedman (Dodgers president who was with the Rays through the 2014 season) connection there, but months still elapsed until the signing. In fact, per the Los Angeles Times, Toles spent most of 2015 “pretty much sitting at home, waiting on phone calls.” He even worked a grocery store for two weeks.

Toles started this season in Class A. He hit Double-A and Triple-A along the way and now he’s in the majors and excelling.

After the big blast on Wednesday, Toles is now hitting .397/.463/.690 with six doubles, three homers, 13 RBI and 13 runs in just 26 games.

And the Dodgers have a 1 1/2-game lead in the NL West thanks to a ridiculous comeback that culminated with Toles’ grand slam.

Source: CBS Sports / Dodgers avoid sweep with eight late runs in a wild, improbable win