Tim Tebow — Timmy Ballgame, if you prefer — has held his baseball showcase, inked with Adidas, and is now waiting for a major-league organization to come calling. In the meantime, and if all else fails, he’s got the indy-league Bridgeport Bluefish as an option. On Wednesday, the Connecticut-based baseball club announced that it was extending an offer to Tebow to join the 2016 roster right now. Some words of persuasion from the GM:

“The Bluefish welcome Tim with open arms,” said Bluefish General Manager Jamie Toole. “The Atlantic League is all about giving players opportunity, and we think Bridgeport would be a great place for him to begin his professional baseball career.”

Hey, there’s even a jersey mock-up with Tebow’s No. 15 on it …

Form an orderly queue!

Obviously, Tebow has his sights set higher — possibly with good reason. However, plenty of guys have made the jump from indy ball to the affiliated minor leagues and then to the majors. If MLB organizations don’t deem Tebow to be worth the investment right now, perhaps some competitive reps in the Atlantic League will change things.


Source: CBS Sports Headlines / If all else fails, Tim Tebow’s got this offer from a pro baseball team