Tom Brady refused to reveal how he’ll be spending his time away from the Patriots during his upcoming four-game Deflategate suspension. Jim Harbaugh, though, had no issues spilling the beans.

Thanks to the Michigan coach, all of Brady’s weekend plans are no longer cloaked in secrecy. He’ll serve as Michigan’s honorary captain for its home game against Colorado on Saturday, Sept. 17.

This is my favorite idea ever. Who doesn’t want to see this guy …

… interact with this guy:

Brady previously visited Michigan on national signing day, which appeared to make Harbaugh giddy.

Jim Harbaugh appears to be a fan of Tom Brady. USATSI

Visiting Michigan is one of the few ways Brady can actually be around football during his suspension. The NFL will not allow Brady to show up to the Patriots’ facility or stadium, and he isn’t permitted to engage in football-related discussions with the team. So, Brady will be completely isolated from the Patriots while Jimmy Garoppolo commandeers the offense.

At least he’ll have Harbaugh to keep him company.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Jim Harbaugh reveals one thing Tom Brady has planned during his suspension