The Lambeau Leap is fun and part of what makes game day with the Green Bay Packers one of the best in the NFL. As it so happens, Lambeau Field is where LSU and Wisconsin will play their season-opening game.

If LSU coach Les Miles (and the NCAA) have anything to do with it, though, the Lambeau Leap will not be part of the game.

First, some backstory. Last week, LSU cornerback Tre’Davious White and safety Jamal Adams mentioned they’d like to do the Lambeau Leap if they had the opportunity — punishment be damned.

“I’ve been talking to the guys and I’m just looking forward to returning a punt and trying to Lambeau Leap,” White said (via “I know coach (Les) Miles won’t be happy with me, but I’m just looking forward to it. I’ll take that punishment when we get back Monday morning.”

“I definitely plan to,” Adams added. “I’ve got to go talk to coach Miles a little bit. I might take that chance. Hopefully I grab one and take it to the house. You might get a little excitement out of me.”

That’s when everyone began looking at the rules and, yep, the NCAA prohibits excessive celebrations that involve players “going into the stands to interact with spectators, or bowing at the waist after a good play.”

Unless the NCAA and officials loosen up a bit, there will be no Lambeau leaps. Otherwise, Miles isn’t going to be happy.

Wisconsin coach Paul Chryst has only said he knows the leap is a penalty. Here’s betting he wouldn’t be happy if his team was penalized for it, too.

Technically, yes, the Lambeau Leap would violate the NCAA’s unsportsmanlike conduct rules. But common sense tells us that any LSU or Wisconsin player is more interested in experiencing the sensation of something they’ve seen on television since they were little.

So unless anyone in this game is drafted by Green Bay, and unless that player scores a touchdown for the Packers, there is no other time or place in which they’ll get to do this.

It’s football, not rocket surgery. Have some fun with it.

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Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Les Miles: If LSU players do Lambeau Leap, they can hitchhike back to Baton Rouge