If someone challenges you to a game of “Madden NFL 17” anytime in the near future, make sure that Aaron Rodgers is on your team because he’s pretty much unstoppable.

The twist here is that it’s not his right arm that makes him unstoppable in “Madden,” it’s his legs. Apparently, since Marshawn Lynch retired, the designers at “Madden” decided to give all of his powers to Rodgers.

Just watch the 55-yard touchdown run below if you don’t believe.

First, Rodgers appears to be sacked, but he’s not, the play is still alive!

After that, he gets up and then immediately proceeds to run through nine defenders and breaks about 12 tackles. And keep in mind, he’s doing all of this against the Panthers defense.

Basically, you should call a quarterback draw on every play if you’re the Packers in “Madden.” Don’t pay attention to the fact that Rodgers’ speed is only 78 and his strength is only 58 in the game, just call the draw.

Anyway, Rodgers being the best running back in football history is just one of several glitches that “Madden” players have discovered over the past week.

Among the other glitches, we have the kickoff return that goes negative-1 yard for a touchdown.

We also have the missed field goal that gets returned for a touchdown even though the other team never technically returned it, which happens at about the 15 second mark in the video below.

The lesson here is clearly: Don’t ever bet money on “Madden” games.

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: Aaron Rodgers might be the best running back in ‘Madden NFL 17’