If you haven’t already, take this time to set your alarm for the first college football Saturday of the season. While we here state-side are rolling out of bed and packing up for our respective tailgates, Georgia Tech and Boston College are opening their seasons in the Aer Lingus College Football Classic in Dublin, Ireland.

Ken Sugiua, of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, has landed safety in Ireland in preparation to cover the Yellow Jackets in their season and ACC opener. While perusing the foreign land, he snapped a photo of this T-shirt promoting the game. Clearly something was lost in translation during the design process, since the shirt advertises a game between Georgia and Boston.

That’s right, you can get two for 20 euro or just 13 euro for one! That’s a steal for a future collector’s item.

It’s easy to understand the mix-up, I guess. Saturday’s contest will be just the sixth college football game to be played in Ireland and this is the first time that Georgia Tech has played a game away from American soil. But if the university and team names are confusing, I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about the “body clock.”

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Oops! Irish shirt promotes game between Georgia (Tech) and Boston (College)