Chris Bosh has been sharing videos of his recent workouts on social media. He has been in the gym both on his own and with former teammate Dwyane Wade as he hopes to return to the Miami Heat this season. But the Miami Herald reports that despite a joint statement last spring meant to quell public scrutiny about a deterioration in the two sides’ relationship over Bosh’s status, he remains frustrated with how Miami is handling this as an organization.

We’re told the Bosh camp remains frustrated with the Heat’s handling of his situation, and that’s part of the reason Bosh and wife Adrienne have gone on a social media blitz this week. As one NBA official said, Bosh wants the public to know he wants to play amid the Heat’s silence.

The Heat has declined to say if Bosh will be cleared – Bosh has been awaiting word himself – but the team disputes any notion that it is trying to keep him off the court to remove his salary from the cap.

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This is going to continue until Bosh either retires or is cleared. Bosh isn’t going to be happy until Miami clears him, and the Heat continue to have very real concerns about his health and safety as well as their legal liability.

One element in this that doesn’t make sense is the implication, written in the Herald piece that the Heat may be trying to pressure Bosh to not be cleared so that they can get his money off the books. If Bosh is done with the NBA, then point blank, the Heat are doomed for the short term. Hassan Whiteside is good, Goran Dragic is good, but a healthy Chris Bosh is the only really great player on that roster until Justise Winslow comes into his own.

Chris Bosh remains frustrated with the Heat. Getty Images

They need Bosh, there’s no reason for them to want to push him out the door.

This is a touchier situation than most NBA drama. Heat personnel have been tight-lipped about what’s going on. Bosh is the only one talking, and he only has one message: He’s going to play in the NBA again. We’ll see how this shakes out.

Source: CBS Sports / Report: Chris Bosh remains frustrated with Heat’s handling of his health situation