Tim Tebow! The QB for the taxi squad of our hearts on Tuesday took the next bold step in his attempt to play professional baseball. Said next step was a skills showcase that was attended by scouts from almost every major-league organization. As one prospect observer told us, Tebow’s power potential means he’ll likely get a shot.

While that much is still uncertain, what is certain is that Tebow has already landed an apparel deal …

Yes, Tebow fetched an Adidas contract before he even touched the field on Tuesday. Such is the power of the Tebow brand. The terms of the multiyear deal aren’t known, but as Rovell noted elsewhere, Nike paid Tebow $300,000 per year starting around the time he was drafted into the NFL.

Speaking of getting paid, Tebow has a preferred timeline in mind for the start of his pro baseball career …

So some teams are interested, and he’s hoping to get some action in before the curtain drops on the 2016 season. Ward goes on to clarify that he’s indeed referring to Fall instructs which typically get underway in mid to late September (bear in mind the minor-league regular season ends roughly a month before the major-league variant does) and wraps up by mid-October. After that, winter ball presumably would be an option for Tebow.

The next and most basic step is to sign a contract, and it certainly appears that will happen at some point — probably soon.

Source: CBS Sports / Tim Tebow already has an apparel deal and a baseball timeline in mind