Running stairs is an intimidating workout. You go to a local high school football stadium and say to yourself, “I’m gonna run the whole visitor’s side!”

Usually you struggle to make it up about three flights, contemplate calling the paramedics, then think about the large bowl of ice cream waiting for you at home as a reward.

“That’s good for today.”

And then there’s Austin Raye, who climbs up and down stairs on his hands just for fun.

As if this ridiculous feat of shoulder and tricep strength wasn’t enough, he adds insult to injury by posting the inspirational words, “You’re just not quite sure what obstacle is coming next or how you’re going to conquer it but eventually you will come face to face with it and you will beat it. Keep pushing forward, no matter what!!”

Now this guy who is much stronger than me is also super positive and inspirational? Whatever, Austin.

I don’t post photos of myself binge watching “Stranger Things” while eating Whopperitos, so keep this stuff to yourself.


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Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Insanely strong man climbs up and down stairs on his hands