Fred Taylor played in the NFL for 13 seasons, 11 of which came with the Jaguars. Considering the average career of an NFL running back lasts just 3.11 seasons and that Taylor ended his NFL tenure with over 11,000 rushing yards, it’s difficult to consider his time in the league anything but a smashing success.

One thing that Taylor was always dinged for during his career, though, was his propensity to suffer injuries. He was referred to in some circles as “Fragile Freddie” because of it.

On Wednesday evening, Taylor shared some injury and medical-related thoughts on Twitter after it was discovered in a doctor’s appointment that he had a variety of serious injuries that went unreported throughout his career.

A follower accused Taylor of complaining about his situation after being paid millions to play football, at which point Taylor clarified his stance.

Taylor also addressed the “fragile” label with an outstanding comeback.

Taylor’s situation is not unlike that of many other former NFL players, who have dealt with serious injuries both during and after their careers and have not received proper medical care. Whether it’s concussions or other football-related injuries, it’s a fight the players union and the league have been having — and likely will be having — for a while.

Source: CBS Sports / Former Jaguars star goes on an extended Twitter rant about NFL doctors