You know Phil Mickelson revels in trash talking to anyone who will listen. Even better if the recipients of his chatter happen to be several of the other best golfers on the planet. On Wednesday evening, the United States Ryder Cup team (minus the four yet-to-be-named captain’s picks) visited Gillette Stadium where the New England Patriots play.

Jordan Spieth took a selfie next to Tom Brady’s locker.

Phil Mickelson went out and won a closest-to-the-pin competition. What’s so special about that? Lefty was playing right-handed. Nobody will ever hear the end of it!

“Honestly, it’s just not that hard to play golf right-handed,” Mickelson told ESPN on Thursday at the Deutsche Bank Championship. “I think the real challenge and enjoyment I get is from trying to play the game left-handed. Hitting a wedge is not that hard, righty or lefty. It’s when I get to the longer stuff, like driver, I have a hard time righty. Of course, I have a hard time hitting driver lefty, too. But hitting wedges has always been pretty easy.”

How amazing is all of this?

If Mickelson had simply exited after this press conference and never touched a club again, he would have gone out on top. He might not stop chirping about this until the next Ryder Cup.

“Phil hit it to four feet right-handed on his second try, which made all of us feel really bad,” said Spieth. “He sure let us know about it.”

The humorous part of this is that Mickelson actually does most things right-handed. He signs autographs right-handed, eats right-handed and probably drinks $40,000 wine out of the Claret Jug right-handed. Apparently he also wins chipping contests right-handed, too.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Phil Mickelson won a Ryder Cup chipping contest right-handed in Gillette Stadium