There is a lot of important information handed out to football players, primarily playbooks. Don’t lose the playbook. Pretty easy set of instructions.

A potential Redskins rookie didn’t get the memo, however, because a listener to 106.7 the Fan, a CBS Sports Radio station in Washington D.C., found a bunch of them in a dumpster.

“Josh from Ashburn” called into The Sports Junkies on Thursday during the morning show and let the guys know he was in possession of some defensive playbooks that were at one point in the possession of a defensive player.

Josh was cleaning out his truck when he spotted a trash bag with “a burgundy-and-gold-colored something” inside. He pulled out the bag and spotted a backpack in it, and the backpack contained playbooks.

It appears the books belonged to Ejiro Ederaine, a rookie linebacker who was cut by Washington earlier in the preseason.

Not a great look for Ederaine to dispose of important information so carelessly.

According to Josh, the playbooks have “everything.”

“I can tell you guys, it actually has two different — so it has what you do in a hot route, what his assignment would have been, what the guy next to him’s assignment would have been, it has breakdowns and handwritten things of the new calls, like the defense changed the call or whatever,” Josh said. “He scratched it out and put the new verbiage for it. I mean it’s got everything.”

Josh also called the team and tried to return the workbooks, but it appears they’re not particularly interested in getting them returned, because the Redskins hadn’t called Josh back by Thursday morning.

Source: CBS Sports / Some random fan found some Redskins defensive playbooks in a dumpster