Sacramento Kings guard Ben McLemore had a scare recently. His 10-month old French Bulldog puppy Rolex was lost in the Sacramento area. It sent a panic through McLemore, as it would with just about any dog owner, that his puppy was potentially gone forever or not safe. So he took to his Twitter account where he has over 100,000 followers to see if anybody could help locate Rolex.

He tweeted out a picture and some information in a couple of tweets that would help identify the dog.

That same day, a man named Mat Davis let McLemore know that a man and his daughter brought Rolex into his veterinary clinic, and while there wasn’t a microchip (you should get your puppy microchipped if you can) to scan, the description of the dog with the particular red collar made it easy for Davis to identify McLemore’s dog. Soon after, the Kings guard was reunited with his puppy and he tracked down the (apparently shirtless) man and the daughter.

Every once in a while, social media can be used for good.

Source: CBS Sports / Twitter helped Kings guard Ben McLemore get his lost puppy back