Von Miller‘s contract stalemate with the Denver Broncos lasted 136 days. The Broncos franchise tagged him on March 1, then went right down to the wire in his negotiations on a long-term deal, signing him to a six-year, $114.5 million contract on the July 15 deadline.

The talks had a whole lot of ups and downs, with both sides calling each other out in public and (presumably) in private. How did this get done in the end? According to Miller, he placed a phone call to Broncos GM John Elway to help clear the air and get things started.

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“I called Mr. Elway. I wanted to put it back on a human standpoint. I wanted to take the business out of it,” Miller said during an interview with “60 Minutes Sports.”

“I felt like the leakage of the contract and some of the other stuff that we were doing — that they were doing in the contract negotiation, it really just didn’t have to happen, especially with a guy like me. I’m not even talking about the type of player I am, but the type of person I am. So I felt like some of the stuff that was done, it just didn’t have to be done. But they have their own tactics and we just won a Super Bowl so I guess this stuff works.”

There’s obviously going to be more to that conversation on “60 Minutes,” but Miller, even with his long-term deal, doesn’t necessarily seem thrilled with the way negotiations played out. The Broncos probably care more about the fact that he’s locked up long-term than that he’s not necessarily wild about the process it took to get him there, though.

Source: CBS Sports / Von Miller called Elway when negotiations stalled to ‘take the business out of it’