Thursday night in El Paso, the Las Vegas 51s (Mets) beat El Paso Chihuahuas (Padres) as the Triple-A season inches closer to being over (LV 5, EP 2). The Pacific Coast League regular season ends Sept. 5.

In the seventh inning of Thursday’s game, Las Vegas infielder Eric Campbell hit what he thought was a foul ground ball off El Paso reliever Eric Yardley. It’s a play we’ve seen a million times, and a million times it’s been foul. But not on this night.

The ball was rolling towards the dugout, but thanks to some crazy English, it hooked back fair. First baseman Diego Goris picked it up and stepped on the base for the out.

To the action footage:

I’ve seen more than a few foul balls roll back fair like that, but never to that extreme. The play-by-play announcer says the ball was closer to the dugout than fair territory at some point. Campbell really cued that pitch off the end of the bat.

Tough luck out, I’d say.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Clear foul ball rolls fair, possibly due to magic