Robert Streb once nearly won a PGA Tour event while putting with his pitching wedge, so I guess I should not be surprised by how good he was with a rake and a shovel in this Skratch TV video.

Streb and Ben Crane took on the Tin Cup challenge in which they had to complete a golf hole using a baseball bat, rake, shovel and hoe. It was a re-enactment of the famous scene from “Tin Cup” where Kevin Costner, playing Roy McAvoy, did the same with similar tools.

Streb and Crane are surprisingly good at this. I was particularly impressed when Crane blasted out of the sand with the hoe and nearly holed the shot.

“I’m feeling the red shovel there,” said Crane at one point. The best part of the entire thing was Streb bat-flipping the shovel and sticking it in the fairway after crushing one from the fairway.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Pros using gardening tools while participating in ‘Tin Cup’ challenge