Von Miller is very good at hunting down quarterbacks behind the line of scrimmage. He is not very good at kicking footballs through the the uprights.

On Thursday, the Super Bowl MVP decided to attempt a few field goals. It did not go well.

For the record, not every defensive player is awful at kicking. Ndamukong Suh nearly made an extra point in a regular-season game, hitting the upright.

On the other hand, this is not where the football is supposed to go:

vonmiller9116.jpgWide right. 9News/CBS

So, that’s why Miller definitely shouldn’t serve as the Broncos‘ emergency kicker if Brandon McManus goes down with an injury or takes over as the team’s starting quarterback, which is a job the Broncos’ kicker desperately wants.

Look out, Trevor Siemian:

Moral of the story: Broncos players should probably just stick to their original positions.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Von Miller shows why he shouldn’t be the Broncos’ emergency kicker