Here’s a nice story to help kick off your holiday weekend: recently, a Cardinals fan wrote a thank you letter to an usher who helped find milk for their son.

Sounds generic, right? But there’s more to the story than that, since the milk was pivotal to the child’s health. Here’s an excerpt (hat tip Noah Coslov):

And then you went back with us, halfway around the stadium and up three levels and back through the Redbird Club and over several sections, to make sure we didn’t get lost on our way back, because we’d had to travel so very far to find that bottle of milk. It took two innings, but you made sure my son was happy.


What you didn’t know is that beneath my son’s Yadi t-shirt there’s a central line and a feeding tube. You didn’t know that the unusual form and function of his little body mean that he dehydrates easily, but also that drinking too much water could ultimately land us in the hospital, and for whatever reason, against most logic, right now milk is the thing he tolerates best.

There’s some heavy stuff in there — including the possibility that the child in question has to undergo more surgery — but ultimately, this is a heartwarming example of how simple acts of kindness — or simple acts of going above and beyond one’s posted duty — can make someone’s day.

Or, now that the story has been shared, myriad folks’ days.

Source: CBS Sports / Fan writes touching thank you note to helpful Cardinals usher for being awesome