‘FIFA 17’ comes out later this month, and soccer video game fans around the world have been waiting to find out who the highest rated player is. Would it be Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Well, the ratings are out, and it’s the Euro winner who earned the top spot.

Ronaldo is the highest rated player in the game at 94. Messi is rated 93, and his Barcelona teammate Neymar is 92.


Now, for many it comes as a surprise because generally most feel that Messi is a better overall player than Ronaldo. But it is hard to argue with Ronaldo’s 2015-16. He scored more goals than Messi and won the Champions League with Real Madrid and Euro 206 with Portugal. Ronaldo had 51 goals for Real Madrid last season, while Messi had 41 for Barca, enough to earn him the top spot.

So, do you agree?

Personally, I would have rated Messi a 96, Ronaldo a 94, and Neymar a 93. But I also don’t help create video games.

Leave your ratings for the players below.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / FIFA ’17’ ratings are out, and Cristiano Ronaldo is top player, above Lionel Messi