Tony Romo isn’t healthy enough to play football right now, but he is healthy enough to talk trash through text messaging. That should come as good news to Cowboys fans because it means two things: His right hand works, and he’s feeling confident.

And yes, we’re assuming Romo texts with his right hand, although it’s definitely possible that he used voice-to-text or has hired someone to walk around and text for him.

Anyway, in a text message sent to Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril this week, Romo sounded pretty optimistic about the upcoming season.

“You take care of the NFC West, we will see y’all in the playoffs,” Romo wrote to Avril, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

I think this means we can just go ahead and chalk the Cowboys and Seahawks into the playoffs this year.

By the way, it was no accident that Romo sent a text to Avril. The Cowboys quarterback was just responding to a few texts that Avril had sent him over the past week.

Avril is the player who broke the bone in Romo’s back, and a few days after he caused the injury, he promised to get in touch with the Cowboys quarterback.

“I hit him up to see how he was doing and to let him know it wasn’t intentional,” Avril told the Star-Telegram. “He hit me back saying it was football and it was a freak accident. He started joking and saying, ‘You take care of the NFC West and we will see you in the playoffs.'”

The fact that Romo responded obviously means that he’s probably not holding any type of grudge against Avril for injuring him when the two teams played in a preseason game on Aug. 25.

Avril injured Romo during a play in the first quarter, an injury that was later diagnosed as a compression fracture of the L1 vertebra. The Cowboys quarterback is expected to miss 6-10 weeks due to the injury.

Injuring Romo turned Avril into public enemy No. 1 in Dallas. In the days after Romo was injured, Cowboys fans took to Twitter so they could bash Avril for taking a “cheap” shot on their quarterback.

Fortunately for Avril, it sounds like the Twitter hate he was receiving has started to taper off.

“It finally died down the last day or two but it was a good six straight days,” Avril said. “I got a couple of hundred mentions, people talking reckless. If they see me in the street they are going to fight me. A bunch of Twitter thugs.”

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Injured Tony Romo to Seahawks player: ‘See you in the playoffs’