There are some things Kevin Garnett believes in quite strongly. When it comes to NBA players, he believes that their food and replenishment is borderline sacred. We’ve heard stories about him over the years being very protective of that privilege or priority or however you want to categorize it. Players are often catered a buffet in the locker room after games to help them replenish some of those calories and nutrients they’ve removed from their bodies during play on the court.

Garnett believes that the players’ food shouldn’t be touched and that the players should have the priority of eating it first. Paul Pierce tells a story in the Players’ Tribune video that was tweeted out on Wednesday in which K.G. was infuriated and knocked a plate of food out of the hands of a random doctor who was in the locker room and treating himself to the players’ buffet. That’s a big no-no.

“I remember one day after a game — we usually have food laid out for the players after the game — and the game is over. The players have burned so many calories; we’re hungry. And so, it’s time to eat once the game is over. We shower then we have like a buffet.

“So, I remember we jumped out of the shower, guys got dressed, and it was time to eat. And there were like some people who weren’t on the team in there — like some doctors, who we hardly ever see. We see them making a plate with the players’ food and I just remember going over there. Kevin Garnett was over there, and he kinda knocked the plate out of his hand and said, ‘This is the players’ food!'”

There are other stories about K.G. that involve him being upset at coaches for eating before the players or even Mason Plumlee for being a rookie on the Brooklyn Nets trying to eat crab cakes on the team flight before the veteran players got to eat. Plumlee’s crab cakes were taken away by Garnett and given to veteran big man Reggie Evans, who is not someone you then want to try to retrieve said food from.

usatsi8340112.jpgDo not mess with their food. USATSI

The moral of the story is people like to eat and don’t get in the way of that, especially when they’re bigger or tougher than you.

Source: CBS Sports / Kevin Garnett never takes kindly to his teammates’ food being taken