With the regular season winding down, that means Dodgers announcer Vin Scully is also nearing the end of his broadcasting career.

That realization became bittersweet on Friday, when Los Angeles television network KTLA announced it would air Scully’s final six games. Why bittersweet? Because local Dodgers fans have had a dickens of a time watching their team since the launch of the team-owned SportsNet LA:

However, because the Dodgers’ SportsNet LA channel has not been seen in a majority of Southern California homes since it debuted in 2014, many fans have missed Scully’s final years.

You can learn more about that craziness elsewhere, but the point is clear: the fans have been robbed of an experience they won’t ever get another chance at. Oh sure, they’ll get to hear Scully’s final six games — and that’s a good thing, albeit a small, small silver lining — but that doesn’t atone for what they missed out on.

Baseball is a business above all, everyone knows that. You just hate when we’re reminded of it in a flagrant way.

Source: CBS Sports / Local Dodgers fans will get to hear Vin Scully’s final games after all